Meetup at FabNewport!

I recently discovered FabNewport at the Met school in Newport, right down the street from NUWC! I met with Nick and Steve and they are very excited to have more people come by with ideas and projects to work on. They have a nice space with plenty of cool tools.

I told Nick and Steve about the little meetup we had in January and they said we should have our next meetup at FabNewport! At the last meeting we had the idea of entering the Autonomous Vehicle Competition, we can do some brainstorming around that. If you want, bring some other projects your working on, we can print some things out on the laser cutter, vinyl cutter, or 3D printer.

If you’re interested, I made a tentative date of March 25th around 6:30pm. Come by, see the space, meet the people and have some fun!

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