Open Software

If you ever need to do some making on a computer, there are many tools to choose from. Some popular tools may cost hundreds of dollars, keeping many people from tinkering and experimenting.

Here we have a list of software tools that can be used for free, even for commercial use. Most have a living community of users adding features and improving their experience. Many of these tools are as good as, or better than the commercial and professional tools they can replace.

Visit these open source communities, download the tools, and get hacking!


  • Blender An incredible 3D modeling program with an ever growing set of features.
  • Pitivi A video editor (Linux only)
  • Gimp Obviously, the Photoshop alternative
  • Krita A digital paint program for use with pen tablets
  • Musescore Music notation
  • LMMS A great music sequencer


  • FreeCAD Parametric modeling CAD, similar to SolidWorks or ProE
  • OpenSCAD Scripting based CAD
  • KiCad Full featured PCB and Circut designer, alternitive to Eagle

3D Printing

  • Slic3rThe go-to program for creating G-code from your solid model
  • OctoPrintA snappy web interface for your 3D printer
  • Repetier All in one solution for 3D printing

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